Lymphedema occurs when the lymphatic system is not able to drain the lymph and causes an accumulation of fluid in the soft tissues of the body.


There are 2 types of lymphedema:

Primary: It is congenital or hereditary. It can cause a bad development of the lymphatic vessels and, therefore, a non-operative lymphatic system.


Secondary: It always originates in a disease, injury or surgical treatment or irradiation. The most common is that it appears after surgical interventions such as those of breast cancer where part or all of the axillary lymph nodes are removed.

When the lymph nodes are removed or damaged, the fluid accumulates in the surrounding tissues, causing edema that eventually fibroids (becomes fat).

It is a chronic and progressive disorder so it is essential to prevent and treat it early to keep it under control.


At LIMFOCLINIC we bet on the Godoy method, an intensive, revolutionary and highly effective method that has been created by Drs. Godoy & Godoy in Brazil and that has several scientific publications, books and research at the international level; In addition, these Drs. give specialization courses to physiotherapists who are dedicated to the lympho venous area in various parts of the world.


With this method, in LIMFOCLINIC we are able to drain through the mobility of macromolecules at the microcellular level, the fluid infiltrated in the tissues that causes this thickening of the affected limb.


In addition, we use Godoy machines for passive mobilization of the limb and containment / compression bandages.


We also like to accompany the patient in his illness as best as possible, not only doing annual maintenance and visits to monitor the evolution, but also give basic guidelines of daily food and hygiene.