LIMFOCLINIC is a newly created physiotherapy center focused on fully personalized treatment. To this end we have a reception and three rooms for individual treatment. The center is designed to be fully accessible for people with reduced mobility, including a fully adapted WC.


We have tried to create a modern space, but at the same time comfortable where people find a warm and favorable environment to relax and achieve a progressive improvement.


Reception and waiting room:
It is wide enough to allow companions to stay in the center.


Treatment rooms:
The functionality of the first box is aimed at the treatment of musculoskeletal pathology. It has an anatomical stretcher, which allows maximum comfort of the patient in any position. It also has the best technology to guarantee a complete and effective treatment: tecartherapy, shock waves, ultrasound scan and electrostimulation.


The second box is oriented to the integral treatment of lymphedema. The maximum effectiveness in this treatment is based mainly on the Godoy & Godoy intensive method, and therefore we have the right material: bandages and Godoy method machinery for both lower and upper limbs.


The last box was designed as a multi-purpose room. It is equipped with a mechanical traction stretcher (Triton DTS) cervical and lumbar for the treatment of many diseases of the spine. In addition, it has a espalier and material to perform corrective exercises and also isoinercial work of sports readaptation.